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NewAge Fire Protection is a professional fire protection and life safety design and engineering company. We pride ourselves in always striving to provide the cutting edge technology for various sectors like construction, oil & gas, petrochemicals, Defense organizations, Navy, Airports, and Power-plant etc. We are also a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and also Inline with the all International Code Of practices and guidelines – ISO – 9001-2000, BIS, ASTM, TAC, FSAI etc. NewAge considering the needs of clients offers following services.

Designing :
At NewAge, we advocate to the client by a consistent design philosophy from concept to execution. Throughout the phases of a traditional design, we integrate the necessary elements to present a prescriptive fire protection system that is cost-effective to install and maintain.

For challenging designs involving life safety, property protection, mission continuity, heritage preservation, and environmental protection, our engineers develop a performance-based design, on specific protection criteria.
Consulting or technical Support :

The evolving business and technology landscape requires organizations to be active and flexible to react swiftly to the changing environment. Building the right strategy and selecting the best technology to keep pace with new business trends and technological advancements can help these organizations ensure faster business results and remain ahead of their competition.

The NewAge technical knowledge base is built on years of practical field experience and fundamental engineering practices driven by the need for more strict utility safety and system protection requirements. Also NewAge has skilled engineers who are aware of all International standards can definitely help Client any technical problems they faced. With the focus on progressive solutions. We continue to grow with the industry to meet customer needs.

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